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We Do Not have any Frachises or any Authorized Persons to Sell softwares / packages on our eTypers name or on Behalf of us.

Our website is https://etypers.in only, we don't have any other websites/blogs. Some people are selling packages and softwares by showing our website, please beware of them, you can contact us directly on our phone no's 09390830240 & 09392830240 only, we don't use any other phone numbers.

Spl Multi IDs Package

[1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + 2 C2C IDs + Multi Software] is for Rs.650/- only for 1 Year.

6 Months General User Package is for Rs.299/- only and 1 Year General User Package is for Rs.499/- only. For more details click here 6 Months / 1 Year User Package

How to Register :

You can Pay by Option 1 : PayUMoney

6 Months General User Package - Data Entry Work Package Pay Advance Amt for 1 Year Data Entry Work Package Buy 1 Year Data Entry Work Package Buy Special Multi IDs Data Entry Package


You can Pay by Option 2 :

Step 1). Deposit or Transfer Money by NEFT / IMPS to any of our Bank Accounts.
Step 2). Inform us by SMS or Phone call on +91-9390830240. or +91-9392830240.
Step 3). Send Screenshot of NEFT / IMPS transaction or Scanned copy of the Bank deposit slip to our email id: [email protected] or [email protected]
Step 4). You will receive your package to your email within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You can Pay by Option 3 :

To pay by PayTm option, click this link for QR Code: Pay by PayTm
To pay by BHIM App / UPI option, click this link for QR Code: Pay by BHIM / UPI App
Take Screenshot of PayTM / Bhim / UPI app Successful message notification and send to WhatsApp No: +91-9392830240 or to our email id: [email protected]

Bank Account Details:

SBI Bank A/C Details  OBC Bank A/C Details  KVB Bank A/C Details

Note: Only for direct deposit into SBI account, SBI Bank is charging an extra amount of Rs.57/- towards Inter City Charges. But, if you deposit by SBI CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), then it's charge is Rs.25/-. There is no charges for NEFT or IMPS transfers.
Outside India Customers can send money to below mentioned payment gateways.
WebMoney Purse: Z288785990838
PayPal ID: [email protected]
Okpay ID: OK112970145
Payza ID: [email protected]
BitCoin ID: 18JvcYnoQWGmhVzghieXLyCLyQ4LXVcC9P

Price Details :

 Work Name  Price in Rs. # Payment/1000 Images ## Minimum Withdrawal/ID Timings Payment Mode
Pix Profit   499/-    0.60$ - 1.00$ 3$ 24/7 Daily
CaptchaTypers   499/-    0.50$ - 1.10$ 2$ 24/7 Daily
Mega Typers   499/-    0.40$ - 1.00$ 3$ 24/7 Weekly
QLink Group   499/-    0.40$ - 1.00$ 2$ 24/7 Weekly
TypeIt   499/-    0.40$ - 0.70$ 1$ 24/7 Daily
Captcha2Cash   499/-    0.50$ - 1.00$ 1$ 24/7 Daily
Koloti Bablo   499/-    0.30$ - 0.60$ 1$ 24/7 Daily

*** General User Package: [1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + MultiSoftware] is for Rs.299/- only for 6 months.
*** General User Package: [1 Pix Profit ID + 3 KB IDs + MultiSoftware] is for Rs.499/- only for 1 Year.
*** Special Multi IDs Package: [1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + 2 C2C IDs + MultiSoftware] is for Rs.650/- only for 1 Year.

# You can deposit Rs.350/- as Initial payment and remaining Rs.150/- will be deducted later from your earnings.
## We give 1$ = Rs.56/- and it will be variable on Dollar Exchange value on the payment date.

You can download General User Package Details in PDF here: [General User Package Details in PDF]


1. Duration of the project work is 6 months or 1 year only.
2. Payments will done by cash or direct to your bank account through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT).
3. No Withdrawal charges for transactions.
4. If any mistake in project in any case, any reason registration fee is not refunded.
5. If IDs were suspended, we give you only new IDs in place of old IDs during the period.
6. 100% payment guarantee depending on accuracy of entries you made.
7. User must be 18 years old.
8. Recommended Minimum Internet Speed is 512kbps.
9. This software supports most of the windows based operating systems like windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.
For Windows XP you need to have Dot Net 2.0, 3.5 frame works and windows xp service pack 3.
For Windows 8 and Windows 10, you need to Enable Dot net 3.5 framework in Windows control panel.
Click this link for how to do yourself How to Enable Dot Net 3.5 in Windows 8 Try this also Try this also.
10. If your operating system (os) is either windows 8 or windows 10 and if you are not able to enable the Dot Net Frameworks in your computer, then please not buy the package.

Required Details :

Copy and fill up below form send email to [email protected] : [Download This Form]

Full Name                                                                                                                   
Mobile No 
Email ID 
Bank A/c No 
Bank Name 
Branch Name 
IFSC Code 


Captcha Entry Works can be useful for just part time works and extra income purposes only. One should not completely depend on only captcha entry works alone. Because in captcha entry works one can earn from Rs.1000 up to Rs.6000/- per month is possible, depending on individual working capacities. If any body says or try to convince that you can earn 10,000/- or 20,000/- or above per month like this numbers, please DON'T TRUST them. It is not possible to earn that much high amounts even if you work for 24/7 in captcha entry works. In real, Captcha servers sites itself kolotibablo, pixprofit, megatypers and captcha2cash etc are not paying that much high rates. You can try working without paying registration fee to anybody in direct captcha servers sites with single id in their server sites for free. If you want to work fast with multiple ids, in Multi ids supporting softwares then you can take work from us. We take very less prices like 299/- for 6 months and 499/- for 1 year packages.