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We do not have any Frachises or Authorized Persons to sell software / packages on our eTypers name or on behalf of us.

Some people are selling packages and softwares by showing our website, please beware of them, you can contact us directly on our phone no's 09390830240 & 09392830240 only.

Spl Multi IDs Package

[1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + 2 C2C IDs + Multi Software] is for Rs.650/- only for 1 Year.

6 Months General User Package is for Rs.299/- only and 1 Year General User Package is for Rs.499/- only. For more details click here 6 Months / 1 Year User Package

Captcha Entry Work Admin Panels

Site Admin Panels

With Site Admin Panels you will be able to create and manage unlimited login / user ids, and provide login ids to many users, and Earn good income as well as providing income opportunity to others.

Software Admin Panels

With the Captcha Software Admin Panels you will be able to Add Unlimited login / user ids in the softwares by which you and your users get good speed hence you will have ability to work easily and earn good income. Using multi ids will become extra beneficiary. Our Softwares have Options like Invert Colour in other small window, Timer, Alerts like blinking when time-outs, Double screen so that you can see the next image in screen, Enlarge the Screen, Sound on/off etc. you can adjust as per your requirement. You can view the Captchas report in Software itself. You will get Updates for free.

Price of Site Admin Panels:

Captcha Typers	:	25$ [Rs.1500/- Only]  
QLink Group	:	25$ [Rs.1500/- Only]  

Price of Software Admin Panels

[Unlimited IDs and Life Time Validity]:

PixProfit	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Captcha Typers	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Koloti Bablo	:	20 [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Captcha2Cash	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
QLink Group	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Mega Typers	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Pro Typers	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Fast Typers	:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Type It		:	20$ [Rs.1200/- Only]  
Multi 14in1	:	25$ [Rs.1500/- Only]  
Mega Affiliate	:	25$ [Rs.1500/- Only]  

MultiSoftware for Captcha Work Note: With Multi-in-One 14in1 software you can be able to work with 14 different Captcha Servers IDs.
*Life Time Validity: The Software Manufacturers are providing for life time validity, it is their interest.
We provide these information along with the Software Admin Panels for free in document once you take the Admin Panels: -

  • How to Operate Software Admin Panels in Step by step with screen shots.
  • How to Create WebMoney Account in Step by step.
  • How to Create login IDs in Koloti Bablo, PixProfit, Captcha2cash and Mega Typers server sites is for free.

Special Combination Offer:

1) Mega Typers (Direct ID creation with single payment option) + Multi 14in1 Unlimited IDs Life Time Software Admin panels for 25$ [Rs.1500/- Only].
2) [Pix Profit + Koloti Bablo + C2C + Mega Typers] Unlimited IDs Life Time, Total 4 Software Admin Panels for 53$ [Rs.3200/- Only].

FAQs of Software Admin Panel:

1. What is software control panel? How can I use it?
It's the place where you can authorize your Captcha Work login IDs, only the IDs that have been authorized on control panel can be added on to software. Each Software Admin Panel includes 2 Parts, 1. Control Panel 2. Software, both are necessary.

Note: Xiaoa is the main Captcha Entry Softwares Provider, who has their restricted rules/condition/services. Software Admin ID and Passwords should not be shared with others, and should always be keep it secret with you only. Reselling your software is strictly forbidden, if you sell or share your admin id with others, your account will be removed without warning/notice by Xiaoa. Always try to login your software admin panel page your regular same IP address / internet connection only, if you login in different locations with different IP addresses xiaoa company may think that you are sharing your software admin panel with others. If any irregular behavior or copying of xiaoa's website or any opposite behavior is found, then the main Software Manufacturer Xiaoa can delete any software admin panel without any notice. We are not responsible for that, if your Admin Id removed by Xiaoa for violating the rules/conditions of Xiaoa. So, better take care of your software admin panel.