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[1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + 2 C2C/Mega IDs + Multi Software] is for Rs.650/- only for 1 Year.

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We do not have any Frachises or Authorized Persons to sell software / packages on our eTypers name or on behalf of us.

Some people are selling packages and softwares by showing our website, please beware of them, you can contact us directly on our phone no's 09390830240 & 09392830240 only.

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6 Months General User Package is for Rs.299/- only and 1 Year General User Package is for Rs.499/- only. For more details click here 6 Months / 1 Year User Package

[Currently Android KB software is not available with us]

Koloti Bablo Work on Android Mobile Details

In Koloti Bablo Android Version work:
1) 3 Koloti Bablo login ids with 1 Year validity package is for Rs.550/-
2) 3 Koloti Bablo login ids with 2 Years validity package is for Rs.1000/- only.
You can work on Computer as well as Android Mobile also.

Buy KolotiBablo Package

Minimum Requirements:
1) Android Mobile with more than Android OS 2.0 Verion.
2) Min 256Kbps speed internet connection
3) Min typing speed 20-30 wpm

We give login ids and Android Software in this package. You need to install the software in your Android phone and by adding the login ids, There will be a flow of captchas in the given software in which you have to make the entries of those Captchas [Alpha Numeric abcd...or ABCD ... and/or 1234... Recaptcha image type captchas etc] images within 10 Seconds. All Captchas are "case sensitive" we have to make entries as they appear on the software.

Rate for 1000 captchas : 0.3$ to 0.7$

Koloti Bablo main Rules:

1) Minimum withdrawal is 1$ for each ID. You can withdraw when ever you reach 1$, Daily payments.
2) Every captcha should be typed within 10 Seconds, generally we can do it within 3 to 7 seconds.
3) First 500 captchas should be typed correct, other wise Koloti Bablo server may ban the login ids.
4) Image Recaptchas should not be escaped regularly.
5) Wrong entries will not consider. But, If you type wrong entries continuously then ID can be suspended.
6) Don't open same IDs simultaneously more than 1 location (other systems).
7) If any of your IDs suspended, we provide you new ID for free during the package period. (Maximum 10 IDs)
8) Work is Case Sensitive.
9) Koloti Bablo may change their rules time to time, if they required.

Note: In initial stage IDs can be banned due to wrong entries, for this reason we suggest our users to consider first 1000 captchas as training purpose, so that in this time period one can learn how to type the captchas in correct manner. Generally there are around 50 patterns of captchas, only letters are changing in captchas but patterns of the captchas are same type. If you able to understand that pattern of the captchas, then it is very easy for you to work. In helping our users we are giving up to ids for free if you ids in place of banned ids.

How to use Software:

1. Download and install Kolotibablo Apk software
2. Click Add Account (+Sign) (Your account must already be authorize by Admin).
3. Click Start work (Play Sign).
4. Software has timer, if timer run out you will go to Pause.
5. You need to make the entries within 10Sec.
6. In image type captchas you can use touch option to select images.
6. If you can't see image/ no image, press Esc on your keyboard.

Koloti Bablo Bonus Level Details: KB Bonus Details

How KolotiBablo is counting Balance

In Kolotibablo your earnings pass through 3 stages before you are able to withdraw them. Stage 1. Accumulating. You enter about 500 captchas during this stage, your entries are monitored by Kolotibablo robots and moderators. You have to type this amount before your money transfer to stage 2. Please note that you have to enter at least 500 captchas in 48 hours to get your captchas into moderation stage. Stage 2. Moderation. Your account is added to moderation queue along with your captchas entries selected randomly. Moderation may take up to 48 hours, but usually every active account passes moderation several times per day. After your account is checked your money are transferred to stage 3. Stage 3. Protected. This is where you can withdraw your funds or send it to another account. In this stage your funds are untouchable. Even if your accounts get suspended for incorrect captcha entries (at stage 1 or 2) you will still have access to them. Kolotibablo decided to guarantee this to stimulate users.

Now a days new type of Image Captchas are also coming, along with the Alpha Numeric captchas, these are called Google Recaptcha Image Captchas, which requires Some English knowledge also.