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Our website is https://etypers.in only, we don't have any other websites/blogs. Some people are selling packages and softwares by showing our website, please beware of them, you can contact us directly on our phone no's 09390830240 & 09392830240 only, we don't use any other phone numbers.

Spl Multi IDs Package

[1 Pix Profit ID + 2 KB IDs + 2 C2C IDs + Multi Software] is for Rs.650/- only for 1 Year.

6 Months General User Package is for Rs.299/- only and 1 Year General User Package is for Rs.499/- only. For more details click here 6 Months / 1 Year User Package

New Image Type Captchas / Google Recaptchas / Smart Captchas:

Now a days all the servers like Koloti Bablo, Pixprofit, MegaTypers etc are providing New Image Type Captchas along with the Regular Alpha-Numeric Captchas (Combination of ABCD abcd and 1234 etc). It is common to all servers now a days. For this who ever want to work this captcha entry work, they need to have minimum English knowledge along with the Typing skills. You can see here some examples of New Image type captchas.
Sometimes, we may get "No Image Found" type of images/captchas in that time we have to click on "F1" button in PC version software and type "none" in Android version software.